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Bielsko-Biała Logistics Centre

A logistics centre comprising 2 neighbouring warehouse stores at ul. Gen. Władysława Andersa 611, ul. Hodowców 37.

powierzchnie magazynowe bielsko biała

Warehouse space

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nasza oferta magazyn bielsko biała


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plan nieruchomości magazyn bielsko biała

Property Plan

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About us

Bielsko–Biała Logistics Centre is a state-of-the-art Logistics Park comprising 2 buildings intended for warehousing and for office space.

  • The facility’s total area is approx. 41 000 sq m allowing us to offer our tenants an opportunity for further growth.
  • The park's additional advantage is its location - BBLC is situated in a district of Bielsko-Biała with very convenient traffic connections, guaranteeing a swift and direct distribution both to the international, as well as domestic and local markets.
  • Bielsko-Biała Logistics Centre is the ideal place for warehousing activities for businesses from Bielsko-Biała, Upper Silesia, as well as from Poland and southern Europe.
  • If your business deals in warehousing and distribution of goods, we can offer effective, innovative technical and logistics solutions which will be a solid foundation for any commercial operations. Feel welcome to take advantage of this unique offer.
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We offer

nowoczesny obiekt dystrybucyjny położony w dogodnej lokalizacji bielsko białej

a state-of-the-art distribution facility at a convenient location

blisko 41 000 m powierzchni najmu w bielsko białej

nearly 41 000 sq m of leasable area

wysoki standard powierzchni biurowych i magazynowych w bielsko - białej

high-standard office and warehouse spaces



ul. Gen. Władysława Andersa 611, ul. Hodowców 37
  • south-western part of Bielsko-Biała, with direct exit to S1 and S52 national roads
  • distance to the Czech border – approx. 25 km
  • just 6 km away from Bielsko-Biała’s city centre
  • 50 km to the centre of Katowice and approx. 81 km to the Pyrzowice airport
  • convenient public transport services from the city centre: bus stop right next to our buildings
  • shopping centres and investment sites in the direct vicinity


CBRE Sp. z o.o.   |   Rondo ONZ 1   |   00-124 Warsaw |   Poland


Kamil Kugaudo phone: +48 693 110 473
e-mail: kamil.kugaudo@cbre.com

Office spaces

Karolina Dembal phone: +48 693 886 356
e-mail: karolina.dembal@cbre.com

Property Manager

Barbara Borowicz
Property Manager
phone: +48 785 630 304
e-mail: barbara.borowicz@cbre.com

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Kamil Kugaudo
phone: +48 693 110 473
e-mail: kamil.kugaudo@cbre.com

Anna Rosa

phone: +48 692 413 541
e-mail: anna.rosa@cbre.com